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5 Things To Know Before You Start Your Data Science Career in Canada

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

In the present scenario, data science jobs are the hottest trend. Canada has become a great attraction for Data Science talent around the world.

In this article, we jot down five crucial ways to reach great heights in the data science career.

1| Start Your Journey With An Internship / Co-op:

Being a data scientist is not easy and involves lots of analytical skills as well as problem-solving experience. If you want to progress in your career as a data scientist, the best way to start is as an intern which will help you to tackle many unseen challenges. One more advantage is that as an intern you will get help wherever you are stuck and your co-workers will give you multiple pieces of advice from their own experiences which will help you step ahead in your career.

2| Be Competitive And Understand Business Problems

In order to become a good data scientist, you should always have the curiosity of asking questions whenever there is a doubt which not only enhances a good communication between the co-workers but also helps you to become a good analyst. It is also crucial to understand the business metrics and other statistical problems in order to solve the business problems in an organisation.

3| Go Beyond Theoretical Concepts

As a data scientist, having a fundamental understanding of concepts is a must. It is crucial to understand the basic concepts of machine learning, artificial intelligence, knowledge of Python, R, SQL, Julia, Hive, etc. including the deep understanding of linear algebra and other statistical methods as well as gain a piece of in-depth knowledge in data analysis, data visualisation, pre-processing, etc.

4| Add Multiple Skills

Problem-solving is the core part of data science which helps in segmenting large business problems into smaller and solvable ones. Most of the time, large organisations look for data science specialists with in-depth knowledge in some specific area. But, if you have multiple skill sets rather than the specialised area which can be resulted as helpful to your organisation, no one can stop you from being a step ahead in your career. Also sometimes, there are organisations who want some extra skill set apart from your knowledge in the field of data science, in that case too having extra skills add plus points in your career building.

5| Don’t Stop Learning And Practicing

As we know that change is the only constant. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are evolving in an exponential way and are not constant. We cannot compare the present scenario with a few years back. It is very important to keep on the track of learning with the growing technology to be in the rat race. There are many ways for upskilling yourself such as online courses in data science, conferences, and many others. You should get used to problem-solving and coding as much as you can in order to learn how to apply data science in problems.

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